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Ever smart EVSE with no need for direct Internet connection

Cannot install EVSE on underground parking lot due to signal issue?
Cannot deploy your EVSE business to the remote areas because there’s no signal?
Too expensive for the network cost?


New LP-01 Module covers your “no signal” awkward situations.

Now, Linkpower brings a new solution for commercial EV Charger stations. With our new LP-01 module, there is no need for an on-site internet connection anymore. The LP-01 enables EV Charger communicate directly over bluetooth with an Cellphone App and provide maximum availability of the system while minimizing latency between the phone and the charger. To ensure smart functions like individual billing and remote maintenance, all data received from the charger will be synchronized with the backend once the smartphone has network coverage again. All time critical activited will be performed immediately. With this brand new tech, we bring no waiting, nor frustration to your charging experience.

Outstanding user experience with just a smart cellphone

Today’s smart charging infrastructure is not very well friendly nor suited for underground environments. This is because it relies on a permanent internet connection to the charger and also on the user’s smartphone having a mobile network signal. That fact drives the cost of hardware, installations and operations and also often leads to bad user experience when no network coverage is available.

We’re dedicated to build the best in class charging products and user experience based on a full digital process. No RFID cards--just the cellphone app enables simple usage and provides full cost transparency.



Linkpower is officially provide OCPP2.0 with our all series of EV Charger products. The new features are showed as below.
1.Device Management
2.Improved Transaction handling
3.Added Security
4.Added Smart Charging functionalaties
5.Support for ISO 15118
6.Display and messaging support
7.Charging operators can display information on EV Chargers

ISO/IEC 15118

Image one day you can charging without swipe any RFID/NFC Card, nor scan and download any different Apps. Just simply plug in, and system will identify your EV and start charging by itself. When it comes to end, plug out and system will cost you automatically. This is something new and the key parts for Bi-directional Charging and V2G. Linkpower now offer it as optional solutions for our global customers for its future possible requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more details.